The Inka Cable cable factory, which is part of Intekar Global, is one of the leading companies in our country with a cable production facility consisting of the newest and most modern machines. Inka Cable has established its quality system with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and has a quality product range that meets the expectations of our customers.

It continues to invest in restructuring, institutionalization, today's conditions and studies, academic knowledge, scientificness.

Inka Cable's Quality Approach is a responsibility that all employees actively participate in and share in a balanced way. For our company, quality is a target that is renewed and developed according to changing conditions. Ensuring high quality that meets the expectations of our customers is the assurance of our company.Our goal in our quality system management is not to eliminate defective production! to reach perfect production. Our main policy is to be the pioneer of quality in our product range with the active participation of our employees, who are equipped with continuous and conscious training, and to serve without harming the nature.

Our Mission

-To provide added value to our employers, employees, suppliers, customers, society and our environment, which we see as our partners.

-To adhere to all legislation, laws and Standards during the activities of our organization.

-To create a peaceful, peaceful and participatory environment with our employees.

-To provide reliability for our products offered to our customers with the INKA CABLE brand and to increase this trust.

-To be a sought after world brand.

-Developing technology, providing employment and increasing productivity

- To develop a long and continuous cooperation with our customers and suppliers, to be an organization that gives confidence in cooperation.

Our Principles & Values

-Team work

-Environment of trust

-Transparency and Flexibility

-Devotion to principles

-Moral/Ethical Values


-Customer focus





Our Certificates